Homemade Pizza on the Grill

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I do enjoy pizza. Homemade pizza beats almost anything else. Make your own crust, your own sauce, build it however you like, bake it to your own preference, then eat it. I don't usually grill my pizza, however. I had thrown a frozen pizza on a campfire grill

A Path in the Woods | Thursday Green | Color Challenge

Trails in the woods don't mean much except to the person walking them. It's hard to capture the scale and beauty of a verdant forest in a single photo, and to everyone else it's just a mass of green and wood. Still, don't miss the chance to walk a nature trail. It offers good time

Beer Review: New Belgium Abbey Dubbel

I am normally a pretty big fan of New Belgium beers. Other than being bored with seeing Fat Tire everywhere, their other offerings are usually solid, if unspectacular. Seeing the Abbey Dubbel in the stores, I was drawn to the package art first. I admit I do judge a new beer on its packaging first,

Tight Spaces in Italy

Recently, I took a bus tour through parts of Italy. Although the scenery was great, the hills and mountains amazing, the old towns and ruins beautiful, the most memorable part was all the really tight fits our bus had to make it through. Tiny roads in the mountains, tight corners, narrow city streets. Obviously, we

Visiting Boulder Junction

I was able to visit Boulder Junction, WI recently. This is a small touristy area in the northern portion of the state. It's near excellent camping, hiking, water, and other fun nature things. I only grabbed a couple photos of the downtown area, but it's a beautiful space. A beautiful mural on one of the

Crypto Ramblings – Thoughts from the Ignorant

Looking at the charts for crypto values, it's hard not to be disillusioned. I don't really understand how the market works from a psychological perspective. Assuming these sellers are not all bots or automated trading systems, people are making decisions to sell. Who is selling at these prices? At what price did you buy that

Monomad Wild Wild West | Southern Tree

Now that the host for monomad has opened the doors to all monochromes, and removed the daily categories, we're no longer bound by the rules. There are no rules here. So, one of my visits to Southern USA yielded some walks through forests and parks, and thus some photos. Here, a moss-covered tree against a

A Walk in the Park | Dells of the Eau Claire, WI

I like that summer is here. I can go out and explore the trails and parks around me, get some sun and exercise, and generally enjoy nature. One of the more scenic parks in Wisconsin is the Dells of the Eau Claire, which, logically enough, has the Eau Claire River running through it. I recently

Homemade Pizza | Finding the Time for Food Projects

I'm a big fan of pizza. I'm not even picky about it. I'll eat excellent gourmet pizza at a fancy restaurant, or frozen pizza dolled up with a bit of my own spices or added cheeses. I don't usually have the time to make my own pizzas, however. But this one time, I did. I

Monomad Wednesday | Abstract Walls

I don't take a lot of abstract photos. Whenever I have my camera in hand, it's to take an intentional shot of a particular thing or event. I don't go out of my way to look for unusual views or interesting perspectives. Perhaps I should. Right now, the most abstract I have is a wall