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Weird Bugs | The Masked Hunter

So my wife was freaked out by a bug recently. She wanted me to 'take care of it.' Usually that means bug death. However, I don't usually kill bugs unless they are wood ticks or mosquitoes. So I scooped it up in a tissue and carried him outside. We keep our house clean, but I

Glass Sculpture in a Garden | Orange Tuesday

Nothing like finding something orange in the garden, right? This time, the orange is made of glass. I think it's glass, anyway. I wasn't about to go fondle it to be sure. This was in a botanical garden in Colorado. I do like how it makes all the greenery and concrete work plain by comparison.

Building Storage – A Basement Project

I have more stuff than I really need. Most people do. But as is typical, the moment you start throwing stuff out or decluttering, the next day you find a need for that silly gadget or leftover scrap of wood. My basement is packed with this kind of stuff. And since I'm a packrat, my

Thoughts on Time and Motivation

Since this is a blog, I'm allowed to dump my thoughts onto the page every now and again without anyone judging or caring. I'm self-employed, which is actually not some euphemism for sitting at home and doing nothing. I actually have a business I've been running for the last 18 years. I used to be

Moss Amongst the Trees | Color Challenge Green

During a recent camping trip, we came across some massive trees covered in spanish moss. Arching branches reach out to provide shade, but the spanish moss has a tendency to choke off the trees over time, often just from its weight alone, and when it shades the rest of the tree from getting sun. Still,

Cape Cod Fish | Wednesday Yellow

Ok, I know this is not truly the typical yellow we see for Wednesday Yellow, but I was looking through some old vacation photos and came across this beautiful plate of fish and chips. I was in Cape Cod years ago, and found this cool restaurant that had the best fish I've had in a

The Internet is a Series of Tubes | Monomad

I was sorting through some of my old electronics amidst stuff on my shelves. As a longtime collector of stuff, I have a lot of stuff to sort through. I found a box of old Russian-made tubes, like those used in old radios and amps. They really are beautiful little devices, and when they're lit

Searching for Memories

I think I visited San Francisco once. But this is the only photo I can find of the visit. I don't remember taking this photo. Like most folks in the digital age, I have a phone full of photos. And if you're better about housekeeping than most, you have some of them moved to your

Heliconia | Color Challenge | Sunday Purple

It's hard to know where purple stops and red begins. Or lavender. Or periwinkle. I believe what I took a photo of here is a Heliconia, but properly named or not this is a beautiful flower. It almost looks dangerous, what with all the pointy bits and spikes, but it's soft and lush.