Thoughts on Time and Motivation

Since this is a blog, I’m allowed to dump my thoughts onto the page every now and again without anyone judging or caring.

I’m self-employed, which is actually not some euphemism for sitting at home and doing nothing. I actually have a business I’ve been running for the last 18 years. I used to be a lot more busy in this business, but it has scaled back somewhat so it’s closer to a part-time job than full-time.

As such, I have some free time. More than I’ve had in the past.

Back when I was swamped and busy, I loved what free time I could glean from the day, and I longed for the weekend. I used those minutes wisely.

Now, I have more time than I can efficiently use. I could use it to be more productive, accomplish more goals, explore new skills or learn new things. To some small extent, I am doing that. But I’m also wasting a lot of time too. Hours of my life each day that I can never get back.

What should I be doing with my time? When the day is full of work and responsibilities, there is no question. When you become more independent and free time more plentiful, it’s far too easy to allow the days to pass without measurable progress on anything. After all, there’s always tomorrow.

The end result is that I need to find the passion of youth. The fire of something new and wild and intriguing. And I have to make a conscious effort to follow those paths to the end.

I’m not sure if I can, but I have resolved to try.

(Badlands, ND photo by @anathema)