Searching for Memories

I think I visited San Francisco once. But this is the only photo I can find of the visit. I don’t remember taking this photo.

Like most folks in the digital age, I have a phone full of photos. And if you’re better about housekeeping than most, you have some of them moved to your computer or out into the cloud for safekeeping.

Of course, the more places you keep your photos, the less likely you are to find them. Or to remember where you left them.

I consider myself a good organizer and keeper of my stuff, and have my photos on my local media server on my home network. I keep them in folders, and date them by the event/day that I took them. So, I regularly move photos from my phone to my computer and organize them.

I have photos that I know I’ve taken that I cannot find. Photos from years back, several phones or cameras ago. Photos I know I’ve looked at and have filed, but have flitted away like so much spider’s silk.

I trusted those photos to hold onto my memories for me. And they failed me. Now they’re lost forever, like the years they represent.